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Dyanmo Wielding Sailor

> A Kensa Dynamo set, with an outfit inspired by Josuke Higashikata from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: JoJoLion.


This build is basically just mid/backline chip damage + paint support. Try painting beneath your teammates from afar to help increase their mobility. Stay a decent distance away from the frontlines, but not too far, as you can pitch into the frontlines just a bit when its safe. Use your sprinkler to charge up your special quicker. Booyah Bombs are great in all modes, but especially Splat Zones and Tower Control, as this can quickly cap zone or get enemies off the tower, respectively.


1m 3s of Main Power Up
A pure makes one-shots much more consistent, but 1m 2s works just fine if you'd like to run another utility sub (such as Ink Resistance, which I left out due to my own preference, as I dont feel it makes a significant difference since Dynamo is so slow that getting trapped in ink is a death sentence regardless.

1s of Quick Super Jump
Only 1s is enough for a noticeable increase in jump speed. I'd only run more if using Stealth Jump since the dynamo tends to get jump-camped a lot. You shouldn't just super jump without any thought about it when using this set

2s of Swim Speed Up
Self explanatory, 2 subs significantly improves mobility, while still leaving space for utility subs.

2m of Ink Saver Main
The Dynamo uses a lot of ink, and with this build you're gonna be swinging a lot, so Ink Saver Main is necessary.

Alternate Options

If using Gold Dynamo: Consider swapping out 1m of Main Power Up for 1m Special Charge Up instead to pump out armor more consistently. Maybe 1m of Ink Saver Main for 1m Ink Saver Sub, as Gold Dynamos utilize their sub weapon a lot more.

If running Vanilla Dynamo: Consider swapping one 1m of Main Power Up for Special Power Up. Stingray is great as is, but with the recent nerf, I like running a little more Special Power Up on it than normal.

This is my first unique build based off of my own play style, so this may not exactly be "meta" or even all that good, but I have a lot of fun using it!

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Josuke ✦ 仗助

josuke/vincent | sixteen 仗助/ヴィンセント・16歳 ✦ casually competitive ✦ i mostly use backline weapons! ✦ i speak english, spanish, and some japanese discord: josuke#1999 message me if you need anything! mándame un mensaje si necesitas algo! 何か必要な場合は僕にメッセージを!