Privacy policy

The Ikaclo Operating Team (hereinafter referred to as the Operating Team) believes that those who handle information capable of individually identifying customers (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information) have a responsibility to properly handle that information with an awareness of its sensitivity.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  • The Operating Team shall make use of customers’ Personal Information only to the extent appropriate to the services offered and duties performed by the Operating Team.
  • The Operating Team may, within the range of legitimate use of Personal Information, provide customers’ Personal Information to partner companies under the condition that it be securely stored.
  • In the event that the Operating Team collects Personal Information from customers, this collection shall be restricted to the extent necessary, and shall take place following an announcement to customers from a representative of the Operating Team.
  • In order to continue to improve their services, the Operating Team may collect customers’ Personal Information in statistics tools, etc., provided that information exists in a form such that it is impossible to identify individuals from the information.
  • Should the customer wish to have their Personal Information disclosed, revised, augmented or deleted, the inquiries contact shall respond to their request in a reasonably prompt fashion.
    Inquiries contact point: [email protected]
  • The Operating Team shall establish a Personal Information Handling Supervisor who shall carry out and provide guidance regarding the appropriate handling of Personal Information.
  • In addition to the previous stated usage purposes, the Operating Team may use Personal Information for the following usage purposes:
    • In order to provide the service.
    • In order to identify users when logging in.
    • In order to make contact or provide notifications regarding the service.
    • In order to provide highly relevant, personalized content to users via the service.
    • In order to provide information from the Operating Team (including advertising).
    • In order to provide customer support.
    • In order to request opinions/impressions from customers.
    • In order to create statistical materials.
  • In order to better protection Personal Information, the Operating Team may update this Privacy Policy according to changes in laws, etc. or according to necessity. In the event of such an update, the new Privacy Policy shall be published via this service.

Regarding Cookies

In providing the service, the Operating Team may make use of the technology known as “cookies.”

Cookies are a system that enable the service to identify a customer accessing the service, by temporarily storing a small amount of data from the server in the customer’s browser. By referring to the cookie, the customer’s computer can be identified, but the specific individual using the computer cannot. Furthermore, cookies enable the customer to make effective use of the service.

The usage purposes for cookies are as follows.

  • In order to preserve user configuration information.
  • In order to verify the user’s account when logging in.
  • In order to provide social media functionality.
  • In order to display advertising(Google Adsense).
  • In order to ascertain the user’s usage situation(Google Analytics).

In addition, by changing their browser’s settings, customers may disable cookie functionality, but this may render some or all of the services provided by the Operating Team unusable. Thank you for your understanding.

Regarding Advertising

The service provided by the Operating Team makes use of the third-party advertising service Google AdSense.

Advertising providers may use cookies in order to serve the user with advertisements relevant to the user’s interests.

For details regarding disabling these cookies, and regarding Google AdSense, please consult the following link: Advertising – Privacy & Terms – Google

Regarding Statistical Tools

The service offered by the Operating Team makes use of statistical tools in order to ascertain access trends.

The data used by these tools includes information such as access time and date, IP addresses, referral links and browser and OS information, but does not usually include any information that could be used to identify an individual person. This data is used for the purpose of the continuing improvement of the service.

For residents of EU member states

In the event that you are a resident of an EU member state to which the EU's 2016 General Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as GDPR) applies and wish to exercise the rights afforded by the GDPR, please contact the inquiries contact point. Also, if you feel your data has not been handled appropriately, you may register a complaint with the relevant regulatory authority.

Inquiries contact point: [email protected]


The Operating Team shall bear no responsibility for the contents of, or handling of customers’ Personal Information carried out by, other services linked to from the service provided by the Operating Team.

(Supplementary Provisions)

  • These terms are effective as of June 21, 2017.
  • Last revised July 21, 2018.