Ideal Tenta Brella Build / 理想的なキャンプ方法

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Stealth jump can be swapped out with object shredder if needed
shoutout to shadowind he's a real one
必要に応じて、ステルスジャンプを対物攻撃に置き換えることができます。Shadowind(キャンプでプレーする西側のトップ選手)にエールを送ります、彼はいい人です :)

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Yo yo. Im here to do some concept loadouts for each weapon, occasionally with a certain theme(s). However, this means that most gear shown, i will probably not have, down to the specific sec abilities. I still hope you at least find what i do interesting. And, yes i suck at splatoon. I dont even have S+. :*( Discord: BJ8649#4942